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Internal Audit Head

Job Details:
Total Position: 1
Job Type: Full Time/Permanent ()
Job Location: Riyadh
No بدون تفضيل
Age: 30 - 40
Education Bachelors
Career Level: GM / CEO / Country Head / President
Experience: 5 Years
Work Permit: Saudi Arabia
تطبيق من قبل : أكتوبر ۷, ۲۰۱۹
Posted: يوليو ۷, ۲۰۱۹
Job Description:

A suitable candidate for this job must meet the following conditions:

1. Have practical experience in internal auditing for at least 5 years;

2. Have an academic qualification (minimum of a BA degree); preference will be given to candidates with an MA degree;

3. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience with quasi-governmental bodies;

4. Have a good command of English language skills;

5. Preference will be given to candidates with accredited specialized certificates in internal auditing.


o Carry out and direct customized audits in accordance with annual audit schedules;

o Evaluate the appropriateness, reliability and credibility of financial and operational information;

o Conduct an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of the organization's resources;

o Audit asset records, including materials, equipment and buildings, and verify their validity and proper use;

o Conduct a compliance assessment of legal, financial and other regulatory requirements;

o Conduct an assessment of the extent to which the specific goals and targets of operations and programs have been achieved;

o Identify non-conforming analyses, discuss the audit results of GAC and propose the necessary recommendations;

o Update the status of audit reports and report delays against target schedules;

o Conduct inventory and periodic budget audits against standard financial requirements;

o Coordinate with external auditors to ensure the effective implementation of comprehensive financial audit plans;

o Conduct an evaluation and testing of operations and controls to identify risks and determine appropriate strategies to mitigate such risks;

o Adopt best practices in the internal audit system;

o Analyze the data obtained and audit results with regard to fraud and liability cases;

o Carry out other duties as required.

Skills Required